Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exotic Locales and Headquarters

Exotic Locales and Headquarters

     Here are a "few" ideas I've had for interesting places for the group to end up.
  1. Ireland
  2. Scotland
  3. Rome, Italy (this one dude would be a freakin' GOD there)
  4. Athens, Greece (same for another dude, except he's actually a demi-god)
  5. Prague, Czech Republic
  6. Moscow or St. Petersburg
  7. South Africa
  8. Israel
  9. Casablanca, Morocco
  10. Nicaragua
     The Headquarters and most of the story will be set on California's Central Coast.  It will be from up in San Francisco to down in San Luis Obispo (SLO), though centralized in Monterey and Seaside.  The main base will be in old barracks on the former Fort Ord army base and in the tunnels running beneath them.  I have plans for the next 3 issues and explanations for how everyone in the roster came to live in the area they did.  If anyone has ideas for vehicle designs or signature weapons for McKnight and Overlord, please comment.  Also, if you want mini bios and character profiles for characters, let me know which ones in the comment section and I'll try to post them on here.

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  1. Joshua [HeroMachine.com]-- Andrew, I'm throwing a vote in for South Africa for the simple reason that Johannesburg is one of the few metropolitan cities (...maybe the only?) located on the African continent, and it would be interesting to explore a large urban environment with a unique African/European culture.

    Now, the M1 Garand--biasedly speaking here-- is the greatest battlefield weapon of the 20th century; maybe McKnight could use a modified M1 that fires a plasma discharge rather than the standard .30-06 round.